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What happens when you binge watch-streaming shows?

You sit down before your computer streaming the sensational reality show that is everyone seems to be talking around. You watch through midnight and find yourself tempted to watch more of the episodes until it is dawn. Thanks to streaming shows hosted on platforms like Netflix and Hulu granting access to shows and movies we can hardly stop watching.  Binge watching is especially common among all subscribers who watch sci-fi, horror and thriller genre and customers take full advantage of the access. Unless we do not find it engaging, we would not binge watch. Binge watching can leave you emotionally high and can make you sick on the couch.

The effects on the brain when brine watching?

Let us simplify the science for easier understanding. When we binge watch our favourite online streaming shows the brain produces dopamine. The chemical gives internal reward of pleasure and reinforces to continue the engagement activity. When binge watching is being done brain happens to create a pathway of reward and your body experiences drug like high.  This is  what creates pseudo- addition to the shows because of craving of dopamine in the brain circuitry. Spending so much time immersed in the show and movie characters fuels our binge watching experience. For instance, 123movies provides tons of movies and who doesn’t want to binge watch? Another precursor for binge watching streaming shows is the feeling of perceived similarity with the character making us feel affirming and connecting with our personality. Continue reading What happens when you binge watch-streaming shows?