Get Good Results with a List of the Best Directories

The term directory means a folder in computing catalogue which has reference to other computer folders. Generally, the purpose of these directories is to store the data of concerned organization and viewed whenever needed. According to the need of the organization the directory list can be prepared. In the beginning of using the directories the data is stored in cache memory, which is a temporary memory hardly stores the data up to fifteen days. The search engine optimization friendly directories are there. There are about around four hundred twenty-five which are SEO friendly. The list of directories should be placed in folder may help in future search and available compactly and saves time.

Selection of directories

The thing one need to consider before creating a directory, they should be search engine optimization friendly. There are few points to check whether the directory is SEO friendly, some time it displays “content= no follow” these types of directories may unable to count by the search engines. The above discussed directory conveys no follow in the sense that it saying indirectly no need to follow by search engine to display.

Sometimes the list of directories doesn’t support by search engines. Make sure that script should be written in other languages not like java. There would be a chance of appearing on the search engine. Before creating a new directory for any organization or event, the created directory should not re-direct the page. Many times, the length of the directory created is too long because, the same directory with same name can found, for differentiating numerical is used.

Criteria for good directory list

The directory used should be cached and recorded by well known and recognised search engines. After accepting the new directory list, if there is of no use for certain days, the directory link may be deactivating automatically because there is no traffic using that particular directory. The concerned team should be aware of identifying only a smaller number of directories from single independent address can be counted.

Few directory lists are mentioned below, which are SEO friendly are

  • sweetrosedirectory,
  • and
  • and many more directories are available on the internet.